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Josette has been a safe, insightful and enjoyable way to learn and experience the spiritual 
guidance through meditation.  I was very happy with the course and would take it over again 
and again. - Lauren Ouellette

Thank you for your guidance and inspiration. Meditation has made all the difference. You have helped us more than you know.

Andy & Joe – Windsor Locks

Late last summer I attended a six week meditation seminar with Josette Lumbruno of Calm Mind Meditation. It was at a particularly stressful time in my life. Although I had tried to meditate on my own previously, Josette’s guidance and inspiration brought me to a much higher level of calm and peace than I could have achieved on my own. She is a genuinely caring person who is always eager to share her gift. As a result of her thoughtful direction, I use daily meditation to contain my stress and to help maintain a harmonious balance in my life.

Linda, Simsbury, CT

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of meditation. It has been nice to reconnect with this tool, and led by someone who practices what she teaches.

Steph – Bristol, CT

Josette is a gifted and compassionate meditation teacher. Her mellifluous voice will transport you into a deeply contemplative state and then bring you back to the physical world feeling unencumbered and at peace with yourself. There is no “am I doing this right?” frustration; her gentle guidance will nurture your confidence in building your own meditation practice.

Karen D- Windsor Locks

Josette's class was our first attempt at meditation.  We found it to be a great experience.  Many of the participants had been to Josette before and were obviously happy to be "back at class", a testament to Josette and her teachings.  We were quite pleased with the welcoming nature of Josette, how at ease we felt practicing our meditation and we looked forward to each class.  We continue to practice our techniques and find them to be very helpful especially when the stress of the day gets to be too much.  I highly recommend Josette, try it!  You will definitely be glad you did.  – Willis and Lois, Windsor Locks

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