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Why Meditate

It's been my experience that the number one reason people want to learn to meditate is "stress." Yet the original practice of meditation, which has been around for thousands of years, was to help guide you on your spiritual path, to discover your inner wisdom and your true self.

When we meditate, which is quite simply the act of non-doing, we give the mind and body a chance to be quiet and still, allowing ourselves the opportunity to listen to what and mind and body is telling us. So often we forget to listen to ourselves, to trust that inner voice that guides us on life's journey.

Today many people are turning the practice of meditation to learn to quiet the mind; to seek comfort from the everyday stress, anxiety or depression. Meditation helps to dissolve this negative energy and enable you to embrace what is needed to bring harmony and balance to your everyday activities.

To quote Shunryu Suzuki from the book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind:
" Calmness if mind does not mean you should stop your activity. Real calmness should be found in activity itself."

In developing "Calm Mind Meditation", it is my goal to share some meditation techniques to help you attain a calm mind, which in turn will lead to a calm world.

Thousands of words have been written on or about the practice of meditation. Some of which I have found inspiring and noteworthy. And then there are those that I just don’t understand. For such a simple practice, life tends to get in the way of actually doing meditation. It is my passion and hope that this little book will encourage and give you the tools to start or continue a meditation practice.

Why meditate? Quite simply because “it works.” One of the ways to look at meditation is the cost, nothing. No fancy running shoes (this coming from a runner), no equipment or health club fees. Everything you need to practice meditation is already contained in you, and with a calm mind you can tap into who you really are, what your purpose is and what you really, really want.  

I look at meditation as if I was reading a menu. Appetizer, entrée, dessert and an after dinner drink.

We eat when we are hungry, when we feel anxious, nervous, incomplete, but do we eat purely for nourishment? To replace what we have used up or lost? Meditation is very similar to the act of eating, and once you understand that connection, you’ll understand the need for a meditation practice and how it will nourish you.

Meditation appetizer – acknowledging to yourself something is missing/hunger begins

Meditation entree -  learning how and why to meditate

Meditation dessert – a daily practice

Meditation after drink – the benefits of a daily meditation practice.

The Awakened Heart

He who knows others is wise,

He who knows himself is enlightened.


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